Thursday, 16 August 2012

Butter Wouldn't Melt, Or Would It?

This is the look, the one that B manages to fool the world with. 'I'm so cute, innocent and pretty.' My arse. My little girl, although all of the aforementioned things, is also Trouble, emphasis on the capital T .

Our morning began with a rather rude awakening, the first I knew of it was a shout from my OH. Before I had even opened my eyes I managed to utter the words "B?! What has she done?" 

It turned out that for today's trick she had poured chocolate milkshake  all over the bed, and there it was, seeping through the sheet, into the mattress, just waiting to curdle and smell. Mmm. Plastic child -stopping  clips for the fridge have gone straight to the top of the shopping list.

What gets me though about the incident more than anything though is that when I asked B why she did it, she replied "it was a joke" , before breaking into a spell  of laughter. She now realizes that it wasn't funny. 

I do despair of her sometimes.


  1. Arh! You can't stay angry for long can you? My Nephew raided my Sisters fridge when he was three, found the Raspberries and stammped them all over Kitchen floor. Said he was making a cake like Big Chef Little Chef but we are convinced he actually made that up! Perhaps I should get some clips now!

  2. Haha, the anger rises and falls so quickly. I didn't even shout. There seemed like no point once the damage was done.

    Ah your nephew sounds like B's kind of playmate! The best thing is when they have a perfect excuse as to why they've done it. Yes! Get the clips now. Lol x